Saint-Marcel d'Ardèche's fountain

Historic site and monument Saint-Marcel-d'Ardèche

You can found several mountains in the village of Saint-Marcel.

"19th century Fountain Soubeyran, build in 1888 by the notorious architect Baussan.

Fountain and lavoir of Ponteil. Originally build in the 18th century and afterwards modified by the architect Baussan between 1872 and 1873.

Fountain of Viviers
Already present in the 16th century, it was moved in 1704 near the property of Seigneur de Bernis where at that time his castle is being build. Notice also the stone construction which was used for water for the cattle.

Fountain and lavoir of Portail du Rhône, both build in 1857 and supplied by water of the Font de Mazade.

Fountain on the square with the town hall, 19th century fountain in the centre of the main square of the village."


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Dans les rues du village
07700 Saint-Marcel-d'Ardèche

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latitude : 44.32658800

longitude : 4.61640400


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Saint-Marcel dArdèches fountainSaint-Marcel dArdèches fountainSaint-Marcel dArdèches fountainSaint-Marcel dArdèches fountainSaint-Marcel dArdèches fountain